Where to catch the tram


Tram Stops 

We have six designated tram stops along the tramway between the Pleasure Beach on the South Shore and Fleetwood, north of Blackpool.

Our stops are clearly marked “Heritage Tram Stop” and the service level at each can be seen below.


Illuminated tours

You can only board a tour of the illumations tram car at the Pleasure Beach stop. The service runs non-stop through the illuminations to Little Bispham, where the tram turns around on the loop.
The tram then returns to the Pleasure Beach loop calling at Bispham, Cabin, Tower / North Pier and the Pleasure Beach.


For anyone who may not be familiar with Blackpool, the location of our tram stops can be found on this interactive map. Click on the stop sign for more information about services to and from this location