A vintage look in the paintshop

The team from Heritage Painting have recently paid us a further visit to complete paintwork restoration on Bolton 66, which was begun last winter. The remaining adhesive adverts have been removed, and the external paintwork has been repaired and varnished. The end platforms have also been tidied up, and all upper deck window frames have been removed for varnishing, and then refitted. To complete the rejuvenated appearance, we have fitted the new replica destination and route letter stencil blinds kindly produced some time ago by Peter Watts.
Standard 143 has also been in the Paint Shop alongside 66, creating a real vintage feel! External varnishing of the livery is now complete, and with all fleet numbers and Corporation crests in place, 143 looks magnificent! After some detective work by our electrician, the problems experienced during the launch of the tram in September have been traced to a defective motor. This will now be removed for repair, and we can all look forward to seeing 143 become a regular sight on our Heritage Tours next year.