September Spectacular Weekend

We’ve been a little bit quiet about our special weekend as we didn’t want to detract from the hard work and launch of the amazing Blackpool 143. After the official VIP launch on Monday 23rd September, 143 will next grace the promenade on a private hire for the Fylde Tramway Society on Friday 27th. It will then be on display at North Pier both days of our September Spectacular weekend on 28th & 29th. Now it is firmly on the rails, it’s time to share what’s happening next weekend to celebrate 134 years of the Blackpool Tramway in true Heritage Tram Tours style!

Our allocations for the weekend have been designed so that as well as the Starr Gate – Fleetwood service, there are an additional eight trams per day for our Pleasure Beach Inspector to utilise as required for both service and specials. Every passenger car that is available in both the Heritage and ‘B Fleet’ (an impressive 21 in total!) will be used and nothing should duplicate both daytimes except 143. Don’t forget the static line ups on Blundell Street and on the depot fan at Rigby Road. ‘The Rewires’ Set 5, Boat 230 and Railcoach 634 – The very next three cars to be rewired once our second electrician is appointed. ‘The One Man Story’ Jubilee 761, Centenary 645 and OMO 8 showing the development of driver-only operation on the Blackpool Tramway. ‘The Next Projects’ Balloons 706 and 704 – the next major rebuilds that will be progressing through our workshops. ‘The Twin Generation’ Set 1, Set 2, Set 5 & Set 6 displayed all together on our depot fan. These displays will be in place from 1000hrs until 1500hrs, guaranteed. We still have a limited number of depot tour spaces but they are selling fast!

So on with the show! Here are the allocations subject to the usual unexpected hiccups… (well some of them are over 80 years old so please bear with us!)

Saturday 28th September

Depot Shuttle – 719

Shop (North Pier Heritage Stop) – 718

Starr Gate/Fleetwood service – ‘The Railcoaches’ 631 & 680

Specials – 66, 227, 642, 700, 711, 715 & Western Train

Static displays; Blundell Street – Set 5, 230, 634 Depot fan – 761, 645, OMO 8

Sunday 29th September

Depot Shuttle – 713

Shop (North Pier Heritage Stop) – 718

Starr Gate/Fleetwood service – ‘The Balloons’ 701 & 723

Specials – 147, 600, 621, 648, 717 & HMS Blackpool

Static displays; Blundell Street – 706 & 704 Depot fan – Twin Sets 1, 2, 5 & 6

To top it all, our free bus service is also operating both days linking North Station, Rigby Road Depot and Pleasure Beach providing a handy link with heritage tram services.

Remember to ask for your ‘Heritage Day Travelcard’ which covers all of our trams, illuminations tours, modern trams & Blackpool Transport bus services. We very much look forward to welcoming you on board!