Another Relaunch Tour!

It’s Another Re-launch Tour!

When – Friday 15th July, 2016 (Tram Sunday Weekend Friday)
Where – Commences & initially boards at Hopton Road 1615hrs
How much – £10 flat fare, all classes, all or part of the tour schedule
What tram – SURPRISE!

Never short of a surprise or two up the sleeves of Heritage HQ, whilst the cat’s away, the mice will play! Although our Operations and Training Manager, Martin Gurr, probably couldn’t be described as a mouse (on many fronts!), the naughty chap has taken a cheeky opportunity to surprise boss Bryan (and all of us too) in getting a rather big beasty stripped and commissioned ready for service whilst our Head of Heritage has enjoyed a well earned two week break away. No mean feat in fourteen days!!! With sincere thanks to our super and dedicated Engineering Team.

Whilst modernised, wide, white and naked perhaps cause a degree of head scratching to commence, those thinking of what possibly could be pulled out of the bag next may already have guessed…… Please welcome back Millennium (wide bodied balloon) 718. Now and very swiftly devoid of it’s expired all over advertising livery, 718 is a rather odd but endearing sight in bare all over white livery with the strange relief of large destination displays which rather shout it’s onward destination!

Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, the Millennium balloon rebuild marks a significant milestone in history and also records the final guise of the original Blackpool Streamline Double Decker. 718 is now the ghost of the fleet returning to service a missing part of the story and, following the illuminations, who knows what may happen when it retires for the winter, out of sight. January Gold weekend is already worth noting in the diary…..

Please come along and support the tour on Friday 15th July, all the money raised on board will exclusively go towards the heritage fleet for repaints and hopefully other surprises in the future.

Sorry for the short notice but these types of surprises are very last minute and we don’t want to risk advertising if we can’t deliver. The following timetable hopefully demonstrates that we have attempted to make the tour as accessible as possible for those arriving in Blackpool at various times on the Friday.

Tour Timetable;

Hopton Road 1615, North Pier Heritage Stop 1630, Fleetwood 1710, Pharos Street 1720, Starr Gate (Arr) 1815, Starr Gate (Dep) 1820, Thornton Gate (Arr) 1900, Thornton Gate (Dep) 1905, North Pier (Southbound) 1940, (ex crossover) North Pier (Northbound) 1955, Fleetwood 2030, Pharos Street 2040, North Pier (Southbound) 2120, Hopton Road 2130.

Don’t forget that our Gold Service operates on Saturday 16th July and special Tram Sunday Service on the Tram Sunday, 17th July. Full details and pdf printable timetables are available by clicking here

Look forward to seeing you on board!

The picture shows the last time 718 was seen in public back in 2013.