From the Workshop – Trawling the illuminations!

The Fisherman’s Friend Trawler to return brighter than ever!

trawler3The Trawler in September 2014

Following discussions with our friends at Lofthouses, the Fleetwood based producers of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges, we are pleased to be able to announce that they have agreed to provide a significant contribution towards the ongoing conservation of the Fisherman’s Friend Trawler, which will allow for it to be overhauled and returned to use in time for this year’s autumn illuminations!

The Trawler missed the illuminations season last year awaiting work having received no substantial attention since it was created from the frame of a 1937 Brush Railcoach back in 2001. Over the years it has provided sterling service during the autumn and at other times besides, but had become rather weary looking in recent times and it was therefore decided to retire the tram following the 2014 season. Now, thanks to continued support from Lofthouses, we are able to restore the tram to glory! This will result in an immaculate Fisherman’s Friend Trawler gracing the Promenade again later this year where it will take its rightful place alongside the other illuminated trams; the Western Train, and ‘HMS Blackpool’.

The work on the Trawler involves a mechanical overhaul, a complete external repaint and replacement of the seat cushions with the ‘proper’ leaf green moquette! However, perhaps more significantly, full replacement of the external illuminations with state of the art equipment will result in the Trawler becoming the brightest star of the fleet and by far the most ‘illuminated’ of all the illuminated trams!

The project is a shared initiative, with Blackpool Transport undertaking the overhaul and repaint of the tram, and Blackpool’s Illuminations Department who have designed and will install the external illuminations.