From the workshop – A not so “Scruffy Surprise”!

To be scruffy no more!

Last year’s ‘scruffy surprise’, Balloon 723, has now moved into the Paint Shop in preparation for a full repaint. 723 was returned to use as a surprise during the 130th anniversary celebrations last year and has proved really popular with enthusiasts, but it really was scruffy!


723 in service on Lord Street, Fleetwood, in 2015                                       723 in the paintshop, being sanded down ready for a repaint


We have therefore decided to treat the old girl to a fresh coat of paint ready for the 2016 season so that she can take her rightful place on heritage tours, looking smart again once more!

1980’s livery is to be retained, as this is not represented on any other Balloon, and will compliment the 1930’s style on 717, and 1990’s livery on 715.

As always, we will keep you updated as work progresses on 723, so keep checking back here for the latest news!