Our Trams




Blackpool was home to the first electric tramway in mainland Britain back in 1885 and our operational Fleet is comprised of many different tram cars that have been seen on the Blackpool tramway since the turn of the 20th Century.

From Edwardian tramcars, the likes of which could be seen plying their trade through many towns and cities up until the first World War to the “Centenary” cars delivered to Blackpool Transport in the 1980’s, we try to preserve as many types of vehicles as possible.

During the time that many towns and cities across the country were stripping out their tramways, Blackpool Corporation Transport took the opposite approach and started to buy new, more modern trams. This means that many of Blackpool’s tramcars are unique in design and can not found anywhere else in the world.

Whilst many vehicles in our care are operational and can be regularly seen operating tours on the promenade, we also have several vehicles that we are in the process of restoring or that are awaiting workshop attention. The trams listed will be used during the season for use on daytime tours, seasonal evening illumination tours and are also available for private hire.
Please click on the images below for details of our operational fleet, or more information on the entire tramcar collection can be found on the Blackpool Heritage Trust website here.





Bolton66eOne of our oldest tramcars, 66 is also our only vehicle from another system, originally built in 1901 for the Lancashire town of Bolton. Car 66 survived in service up until 1946 when the tramway closed. After restoration in 1963, the vehicle was brought to Blackpool in 1981 where it has remained ever since. Click on the pictures to enlarge, or click  here for more information.






Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours operate 3 open topped single deck “boat” trams. Part of an original fleet of 12 dating from 1934, they offer a unique and unrestricted view of the promenade or illuminations. Click on the fleet numbers to discover more about “Duchess of Cornwall” 600, open boat tram 227 and “George Formby” 230 or select from the photos below





The high capacity Balloon trams of 1934 / 35 were a familiar sight on the Blackpool Tramway up until the 2011 system upgrade. Blackpool Heritage tram tours have four different examples in regular use, Click on the fleet numbers to find out more about Balloon 701, tram 715, “Walter Luff” 717 and Car 723, or select a picture below.





Railcoach 631 was built in 1937 by Brush of Loughborough and was in regular service until the tramway upgrade in 2011. Originally one of 20, we have retained this operational example as part of the heritage fleet. To find out more about 631, click here or select one of the photos below.





Being the only operational tramway on mainland Britain between 1962 and 1992 meant that Blackpool often had to “make do and mend” the fleet, and the Twin-Cars are an example of this. Consisting of a motor unit built from withdrawn 1935 railcoaches with a permanently coupled trailer, they provided high capacity transport especially during the holiday season. Click on the fleet numbers for more information on tram 272/T2 and car 675/685 or select a photograph.





Towing Car 680 is an English Electric railcoach of 1935, rebuilt to flat front specification in 1961 when it was regularly paired with a trailer to provide higher capacity for the holiday seasons. The tram is on loan to Blackpool Heritage Trust from the Manchester Tramway Museum society.  Click on the photos below to enlarge them, or see the information page on the Blackpool Heritage Trust site





Delivered around the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Blackpool Tramway in 1985, the Centenary cars were built by East Lancashire Coachbuilders in Blackburn. Often heavily modified over the 25 or so years of service that they provided before the upgrade in 2011, we have retained two examples of the class as part of the heritage fleet. Click the fleet numbers for more information on Centenary Car 642 and Tram 648, or select the photos to enlarge.





A firm favourite with visitors of all ages and guaranteed to turn heads, the illuminated tramcars have been a feature of Blackpools’ illumination since the attraction began. Two of the most popular cars are retained in operating condition; the “Western Train” built in 1962 and “HMS Blackpool” based on the naval Frigate of the same name. Click on the links to find out more about the Western Train and the Frigate here, or click the photos below to enlarge them.  Our Illumination Tours operate every evening during the Illuminations except the Friday and Saturday of Switch-On weekend. You can only board these tours at our Pleasure Beach stop.