Brush car 621 comes home!

621 back

Brush car 621 returned to our Rigby Road depot today following a few years away from the tramway and having spent the last couple of years at Beamish Museum in Durham. The tram has been gifted to the Blackpool Heritage Trust, for addition to the Heritage collection.

621 had previously been purchased privately by a consortium of individuals for donation to Beamish, and it moved there in 2014 to await restoration at some point in the future. However, following a number of further recent acquisitions by the Beamish Museum, and a review of priorities, it was deemed that 621 could be made available for transfer out of their collection. Following some discussion, Beamish’s Paul Jarman was happy to agree that 621 could transfer to the Blackpool Heritage Trust for continued preservation on its home tramway system. Indeed, with the recent additions to the Beamish fleet, their depot was feeling rather full, and the move of 621 back to Blackpool has meant that we have also been able to assist our Heritage friends with getting some much needed space back!

Paul said: “Whilst we’re sorry to see Railcoach 621 leave, we feel that its natural place is on its home system. The Heritage operation in Blackpool is growing, and I know full well that the Blackpool Heritage Trust will look after the tram well.” Bryan Lindop, Head of Heritage and Chairman of the Blackpool Heritage Trust, said “We are so pleased to welcome 621 back in to the fold, and can’t thank the team at Beamish enough for keeping her safe for the past couple of years. It’s wonderful that we have been able to bring this tram home in time for its significant birthday next year. With the 80th anniversary of the Brush cars almost upon us we have taken the opportunity to ensure that we have a representative selection to display. We can’t allow this milestone anniversary to pass without marking the event in style”

The Blackpool Heritage Trust would like to place on record their thanks to Beamish Museum, and also to P W Consultancy for sponsoring the move of 621.

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