Progress Twin Cars 676+686 of 1958/1960

676_01 AR

This is one of ten ‘Twin Cars’ created in 1960/1. The power car (276) was rebuilt by Blackpool Corporation from a streamlined English Electric Railcoach of July 1935. It was converted into a flat fronted car in 1957 as the prototype motor car – towing sister 275 as a trailer. Trailer T6 was the fifth trailer built by Metro Cammell of Birmingham and was delivered on 14 November 1960. T5 entered service in 1961 and was paired with 276 from May 1961. The set was renumbered 676/686 in 1968.

The set was converted to to be permanently coupled with one set of control equipment moved from 276 to T6. Work started in May 1969 but only 676 was painted in time for the illuminations so while this ran in its new green/cream livery 686 retained all-over cream until the end of the season! Unlikely this set lost their inner end destination boxes in favour of plain domes.

The next overhaul saw 676/86 miss the 1991 season as 676 was worked on from April to August and 686 from August to October and it wasn’t until June 1992 that the set returned to use. 676 was fitted with a pantograph.

The set continued in use and was fitted with overhauled trucks with rubber suspension in late 2011. The set missed out on the overhauls afforded to 671-5/681-5 in 2003/4 and was withdrawn on 23 October 2004.

The car remains in store as part of the BHT collection but there are no current plans to reactivate it.