Trawler 737

737_01 AR

The Trawler, 737, is one of our feature cars based on the design of the Fleetwood fishing trawler. Brush car 633, new as 296 in 1937 forms its base. 633 was withdrawn in summer 1998 to await a major overhaul. In January 1999 it was stripped for assessment and placed in store until a rebuild could be justified. 1999 was the last year for the Rocket and Western Train and thoughts turned to a new Feature Car with Fisherman’s Friend (the sponsors of the Western Train) keen to continue their association with the Illuminated cars. 633 was chosen as a base for a new feature car and entered the works in January 2001. A new underframe was built and the old roof was removed to allow a new flat roof structure to be fitted. The body frame was repaired and new doors fitted, while a mock funnel, wheel and railings were fitted to the roof. The car was painted in June 2001 and completed in time for its first test run on 22 August 2001.

Unlike previous Feature Cars it was designed as a double ended car with doors on both sides and full cabs at each end. As such it regularly operated on routine tram service – though as all its seats faced the same way, sometimes this resulted in people facing backwards. Initially it kept fleet number 633, but was renumbered in the Feature Car series as 737 in 2008. Between 2001 and 2014 737 was a regular fixture on Illuminations Tours, but has spent 2015 out of service awaiting overhaul.