Towing Car 671 of 1960


This trailer car is part of one of ten ‘Twin Cars’ created in 1960/1. The power car (281) was rebuilt by Blackpool Corporation from a streamlined English Electric Railcoach of July 1935. It was converted into a flat fronted car from April 1960 to November 1960 and entered service as a single motor car in January 1961. It was later paired with trailer T1 of 1960.

The set was converted to be permanently coupled in September/October 1962 and was repainted into green/cream from the original cream in November 1964.

281/T1 became 671/681 in 1968 but continued in use in their 1964 paint job until the end of the 1989 season. In January 1990 the set was overhauled and repainted into a new livery of cream with green roof and skirt. 671 was fitted with a pantograph and the set returned to use at Easter 1991. The remaining six sets followed over the next three years.

671/81 was sidelined in July 1997 due to major accident damage to 681 and minor resulting damage to 671. The motor was repaired in summer 1998 and the trailer completed in November. The set was returned to service in June 1999, almost two years after the accident.

The set was overhauled including the fitting of heaters in March 2003 including a repaint into green/yellow Metro coastlines livery. 671/81 were withdrawn in 2010. 671 survives as part of the BHT collection, while 681 is preserved elsewhere.