OMO 8 of 1974

OMO 8 was positioned in the Paint Shop. It carries the original OMO car livery of sunshine yellow and crimson red, or 'plum and custard', as it was more commonly known!

Car 8 was created on the frame of 1935 built Railcoach 265. This ran from June 1935 until June 1972. It became one of 13 Railcoaches to be heavily rebuilt into one man operated (OMO) cars which no longer needed a conductor. The body was modernised and extended with new tapered cabs with front entrances – the existing doors becoming a centre exit. The first cars (1-5) entered service in 1972, while car 8 was rebuilt from April 1973 to April 1974 and it entered service in June 1974.

Initially painted maroon and yellow it was repainted into red and cream in 1976. It was decided to buy 10 new single deckers to replace the 13 OMO cars and the first arrived in 1984 to replace car 13. In the end only 8 new cars arrived leaving just four OMO cars in 1989. 8 was perhaps a fortunate survivor as it suffered accident damage in September 1984 when it was hit by the Illuminated Frigate.

The accident repair included a repaint into a new green/white livery and it returned to use in January 1985. As a result it was kept in service while the remaining red/cream examples were retired in the 1980s. Little further work was undertaken on the survivors and their condition deteriorated. 8 was withdrawn after last use on 7 May 1992 as an inspection detected the need for some repairs which were not felt economic.

After several years in store, cosmetic restoration took place in 2005 with the car in the LTT collection. It returned to Rigby Road in 2010 for a brief operation as part of the 125th anniversary and in 2013 joined the BHT collection where it is stored pending further restoration work.