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Centenary 642 of 1986


642 was built in 1986 by East Lancashire Coach Builders of Blackburn. It was one of 8 Centenary class cars, following on from prototype car 641 of 1984 and experimental car 651 of 1985. 642 was one of two batches…
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Rocket 732


The first Illuminated Feature trams were constructed in 1925 as a Gondola and Lifeboat. Others were added over time, but from 1959 it was decided to provide passenger tours using the first of a new series of feature cars –…
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Western Train 733+734


The iconic Western Train illuminated feature tram is recognisable by children of all ages. The locomotive (fleet number 733) was constructed during 1962 on the remains of Railcoach 209. The underframe and one half of the passenger saloon of 209…
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HMS Blackpool 736


HMS Blackpool was the fifth of the 1960s feature cars constructed following Blackpool Belle, The Rocket, The Western Train and the Hovertram. Based loosely on the Frigate of the same name, it used the underframe, trucks, motors and equipment of…
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Trawler 737

737_01 AR

The Trawler, 737, is one of our feature cars based on the design of the Fleetwood fishing trawler. Brush car 633, new as 296 in 1937 forms its base. 633 was withdrawn in summer 1998 to await a major overhaul….
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