Blinds for Boats!


Our destination blind specialist, Peter Watts, has recently been extremely busy producing brand new replica heritage destination blinds for our open Boat cars. These are the first smaller blinds he has created, to suit the destination apertures on the Boats (and others, such as Standard 147 and Balloon 717), and the initial two sets both feature the traditional slanted style of display with which the streamlined fleet were synonymous.

The Boats may have smaller blinds, but there is no less work for Peter, as of course each Boat requires four! The first eight (equivalent to two sets) will be fitted to 227 and 600 in the next few days during a visit to Blackpool by Peter. Sister 230, which carries a later livery style, will in due course receive a brand new set of the the later style of blinds, featuring a two line display.

Each blind features the new destination of ‘North Pier and Tower’, as well as all displays required for the current tramway. Maintaining the tradition of this earlier style of blind, ‘Starr Gate’ has been replaced with ‘South Promenade via Pleasure Beach’ – which is absolutely correct for the era being portrayed. ‘North Station Blackpool’ also features (just in case!), and each set includes a heritage destination, with ‘Squires Gate and Airport’ and ‘South Pier via Marton’ also appearing.

Once again we are indebted to Peter for his efforts, which continue to improve the look of our heritage trams. As well as the time donated there is also the cost of materials, which represents a considerable expense, and shows Peter’s dedication to the cause!

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